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 Werwolves in the Twilight Saga

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Nia Black

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PostSubject: Werwolves in the Twilight Saga   June 30th 2008, 17:21

Do you think it's necessary to have werwolves in Twilight? Is their purpose only so that it makes Bella's decision to become a vampire harder? If Jacob hadn't been a wolf then she would have no hesitation about becoming a vampire and then the only tension between Bella and Jake would be human.

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perpetual happyness
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PostSubject: yes it is   July 7th 2008, 12:16

i think it is because for one having werewolves in the twilight saga makes it more interesting and you eventually really start to like them i love jacob so yeah and it does make it harder for her to chose cuz bella knows what shes leaving behind so there are advantages and disadvantages of her becoming a vampire also its hard for her to chose because she does love jacob too.. and even if jacob were still human it probably would have pushed her not to become a vampire because she is not only in love with him when hes a werewolf but she is more in love with his human side !!!
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Werwolves in the Twilight Saga
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