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 Edward's Leaving

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Nia Black

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PostSubject: Edward's Leaving   June 30th 2008, 18:20

What did you think or feel when Edward left in New Moon?
Were you sad/numb?

Tell your stories here.

Nia Black ~~ PT Admin
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perpetual happyness
Arriving at Forks

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PostSubject: i was happy   July 7th 2008, 12:27

i was relieved when edward had left yes it was a wretched time for bella but it also meant a new beggining or so thats what i believed yes edward did come back ..... jacob showed bella theres more to life more to her life than edward and i dont believe edward is her soulmate just because she had a special scent or hes extraordinarily beautiful and thats what there relationship was built on because they were both different well doesnt everygirl want a man she can relate to and she relates to jacob very well
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Edward's Leaving
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