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 Bella's Haemophobia

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Nia Black

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PostSubject: Bella's Haemophobia   June 30th 2008, 18:27

I think that Bella's aversion to blood will be important after her transformation and that maybe it will make it easier for her to adapt to the Cullens way of living. Some people think that it isn't important though, and that it's just another difference between her and Edward.

Nia Black ~~ PT Admin
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Arriving at Forks

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PostSubject: Re: Bella's Haemophobia   September 13th 2011, 20:21

Have you read Breaking Dawn now? Smile Yes, I think Bella's aversion to human blood DOES play a part in her exceptional self-control. I think this self-control is a product of her preparation for becoming immortal, and not a special ability like Carlisle believes. Her special ability is her mental shield, and that is awesome enough!
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Bella's Haemophobia
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