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 Forum Rules

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Nia Black

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   June 30th 2008, 16:38

First off before I get into the rules I would like to apologise for why the quote, edit on online buttons are in different languages. I don't know why this is but keep in mind:
'en ligne'=online (it's not a button but it comes up at the bottom of your post when you're online)


1)When you join PT it is important you know that you are only allowed one account.
I are adamant that you abide by this rule, if you are found to have a second account you will be banned. If you have more than one account it is assumed that you are creating a fake user. Here at PT we do not want our users to be tricked by fakes. If you are aware that someone has an additional account it is your duty to report them.

2)We expect respect on this website.
For everyone here, whether you are a n00b, a long time poster or an admin. Everyone deserves respect. Treat others as you would expect to be treated. If you do that, there should be no problems. Keep that in mind and think before you post. If you don't have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut or rather, your fingers off the keys. Respect also includes crediting people who may make you avatars/signatures.

3) No obsence language or posting of anything that would have a rating higher than PG-13 (this extends to avatars, signatures, links).

4) Flaming is a total no-no.
If you have an issue with bullying or flaming please contact me (or when we need Moderators you can contact them) as soon as possible to sort this out. Please try to keep your drama to a minimum. If you need to sort things out with a user, PM them instead of spamming threads. Remember, flaming will get you banned, so watch what you say to people while doing so.

5) No chat speak please! Have you any idea how long it takes to read it? And there are Twilight fans whose first language is no English so please, please, please use standard English (whether it be American or British it doesn't matter).

6) Do not pyramid quote.
(repeatedly quote all the messages in a series of communications). It takes up loads of space and generally makes people annoyed. Quote the last message by all means but edit out the other posts. This also goes for quoting pictures. When you quote please turn the picture to an [url]. It takes up less room and stops the site slowing down. Repeatedly posting extra-large text also causes the same problems.

7) Keep your posts on topic. Off topic conversation can result in a warning and prolonged spamming after several warnings may result in a ban. There will be a chat thread in the Bella's House forum where you can take any 'spam'.

Cool Do not speed post. This is when you post the same post several times right after each other. Just edit your post to avoid this if you do it by accident.

Okay, I'm glad that's out of the way! Have fun on PT forums! I love you

P.S. All of my posts will be in 'indigo'. I'm not saying other people can't use that colour but it's a way to tell the difference admin posts and member posts.

Nia Black ~~ PT Admin
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Forum Rules
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