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PostSubject: favorite Quotes   July 8th 2008, 04:44

What are some of your favorite Quotes in New Moon and what do you think of them?

1.) "Speak of the devil .....and the devil shall appear". It was so cute and funny when Jake said that.
2.) "The smile broke across his face the way the sunrise set the clouds on fire". I about died when Bella said that about Jake. Its so true and I love the way she describes his happiness his smile. Adorable.
3.) "As long as you like me best and you think im good looking - sort of then i am prepared to be annoyingly persistent". I loved that part it says so much.
4.) "It will be as if I'd never existed" - He should have never existed hes a jerk and I was glad when he left
5.) "Jacob was a gift from the gods" that made me crack up laughing but it was so sweet
6.) Jared- "hey none of that im eating" Sam- "then shut up and eat"
I was laughing so hard at that one I had tears down my face he said it with such authority and it was so funny
7.) "Whos afraid of the big bad wolf" .. funny but it sounded strange when jacob said that so strange i cant even describe it
I think thats all I have lol and if there is already a thread for this I am truly sorry I was bored so I did this.

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favorite Quotes
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