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 Movie opinions

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PostSubject: Movie opinions   January 5th 2009, 00:50

What did everybody think of the movie? Before it came out some people (or maybe it was just me) were a bit wary that it wouldn't be as good as the book, but in my opinion it was pretty awesome. Of course, having Muse in the soundtrack helped win me over quite a bit. What did you think of the actors, just out of interest? Personally I don't think the people glaring at each other was intended to be as funny as it turned out to be. Laughing
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Arriving at Forks

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PostSubject: Re: Movie opinions   March 21st 2009, 03:07

As If I could love the Twilight movie any more than I do, I just looked at the Soundtrack!!!
The Collective Soul song Tremble For My Beloved made the cut. Collective Soul is one of my absolute favorite bands.
Speaing of Edwards....the singer Ed Roland, what a Fox!!! I've been addicted to their new podcasts from their site .
I also got news of their re-release of afterwords from the Twilight Collective Soul Fansite loaded with new webisodes of the band in action.

Also!! Collective Soul will be giving away tickets to their Darfur Concert Benefit . The Collective Soul Benefit Concert for Darfur will be held Friday, March 27, at The Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta, 152 Luckie St. This music event will raise funds and strengthen awareness for the Save Darfur Coalition.
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Movie opinions
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