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Arriving at Forks

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PostSubject: Hi!   February 11th 2009, 03:50

I'm Logic. Not my real name, but that's what you can call me. I'm actually an anti, but I really want to have heated debates, which I can't get on entirely anti sites.

I'm kinda emo-kinda not. And I have a lot of common sense and logic, so I tend to use it. Also, I'm very, very fluent in sarcasm. Don't be offended if I use my sarcastic wit.

I like:
Books (just not Twilight)
Improv Theatre
Avatar: The Last Airbender (btw... my site is
Chinese food

I dislike:
Bad writing
stupid people
the war in Israel
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Arriving at Forks

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PostSubject: LOGIC LISTEN UP>>HEHE   March 7th 2009, 05:21

hi a new member..just wanna ask you...why do you hate twilight so much?...well i respect your opinion...for me...."hating or loving" twilight is not an appropriate subject fora debate or argument coz in the end it boils down to the person or reader....each individual has his own likes and dislikes which should be respected..hehehehe......
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